2010 Reviewing Policy

2010  Review Policy

The majority of books I read and review on My Two Blessings are books I purchased for my own personal enjoyment.  The remainder of the books are review requests and advanced reader copies.  I generally will not mention who I received the books from unless they are review requests or arc's from authors, publishers or distributors.

I am open to review requests from all sources and if you would like to send me a book to review please contact me by email: rlmccormack59(at)gmail(dot)com.

I read a mixture of young adult and adult main stream and christian fiction genres including but not limited to:

Historical Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Thrillers and Suspense

I don't read nonfiction, self help books or poetry nor do I like true to life, tear jerker stories or stories involving child abuse. Rarely do I read horror but there are exceptions. Please see the list of books I'm currently I currently have on my Nightstand  and  2010 Books Completed which will give you an idea of the books I like to read.  I will consider books not only from traditional publishers, but also self published books as well.   I prefer receiving books but will consider books in e-format as well.  I do not listen to audio books. 

In accordance with FTC Guidelines, I do not receive any compensation for reviews on my blog. the reviews are based solely on my opinion of the story and extremely subjective.  I do not sell the books or receive any compensation from any of the links to online book sellers, authors or publishers. The links are for informational purposes only.  I don't sell or auction the ARC's I receive. Occasionally, I will do a give-a-way, but only with the permission of the publisher or author.
Reviews are done on a voluntary basis and I can't guarantee I will review every book sent to me. I will post reviews for ARC's within the specified time period requested by the publisher.  Otherwise, if the book has already been published, it will be read and reviewed in a timely manner.

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