An Awesome Award

Lisa from Books and Cooks surprised me with this award!

Thank you so much Lisa. I'm happy you discovered my blog. This award is supposed to be passed on to 5 newbie blogs or blogs new to you. In the past couple months I've discovered a few new to me blogs that I have fallen in like with immediately.

Caite at A Lovely Shore Breeze: She has a wonderful sense of humor, writes creative book reviews and I have enjoyed browsing her blog.

Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings: He writes the most amazing, detailed, information filled, thoughtful posts and has gorgeous science fiction / fantasy pictures to die for.

Rebecca at The Book Lady's blog: She is so articulate, fun, informational and has the greatest customer service stories. I wish I could write so well.

Kate at The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me: She has inspired me to keep on writing.

and last but not least:

Janet at Across the Page: Her posts are thoughtful and inspirational. She is positive and uplifting.

Take a few minutes to check out their blogs. You may just fall in like as well.


  1. Well deserved award!! Woo Hooo! And I'll definitely check out the new to me blogs you listed

  2. Congrats, Robin, and thanks for the awesome award and the kind words! So glad to have "met" you. :-)

  3. Thank you also for the kind words. If I bring a smile or a giggle to someone's day, my work is complete!

  4. Oh, thank you for the award! It totally makes my day to think that I've inspired someone to continue writing!

    I'm also love checking out other blogs - so thank you for the great links!

  5. Thank you so very, very much. Not sure why I didn't catch your link earlier in my DS9 post, but I am no less thrilled than I would have been if I had seen it right away. You've made me smile and my heart grow just a little bit bigger. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts, I'm glad you enjoy the blog.


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