Weekly Report # 19 2/16 to 2/20

We had a lovely week and seem to be getting back into stride.

Bible Study: In Explorer Bible study we did Lesson 3 "The Details of Man's Creation" - Genesis 1:26 to Genesis 2. The word meanings are great and help James to understand what is being talked about. I appreciate the insight as well, because sometimes I just can't find the words to explain what something means -- probably comes from being asked a million questions every day.

Voyages In English: Started Unit 5 about Adjectives and completed 5.1 Identifying Adjectives; 5.2 Adjectives before Nouns; 5.3 Subject Complements and 5.4 Compound Subject Complements. He completed worksheets with Father and did an excellent job.

Spelling: Lesson 18 was a review of lessons 13 - 17

Writing with Ease: Completed Week 4 Identifying central ideas and actions in two excerpts from Doctor Doolittle. James narration: "Dr. Doolittle became an animal doctor and many people began bringing their animals, sick cats, poodles, cows and chickens. We are really enjoying WWE so much more than writing strands. The story excerpts are interesting and keeps James interest.

Cursive: This week was a little tough because he had to translate printed sentences and capitals into cursive. It was slow going, but he did it.

Math: Completed lessons 10 through 13 working on subtracting from 11 and 12.

Chemistry: James and Father read all about Chemical Reactions and Group V of the periodic table Nitrogen Elements.

History: Read Chapter XIII Adventures of Captain John Smith. It was very interesting and according to TCOO, Captain Smith was the first American Writer. I found a copy of his first book online called "A True Relation" by Captain John Smith 1608. It is very interesting and tells all about the settling of Jamestown and his adventures.

Cub Scouts: James and Father continued to do their energy audit and we received our first smud bill since we got the new refrigerator and our personal energy conservation program began. It actually went down $50 - YEAH!

Last night was the annual Blue and Gold Dinner and James received his Bobcat Badge along with 3 other boys from different dens.

Look at that happy face!

Proud Mom!

James Den

Then Father told them to get silly. Imagine when you tell 6 boys who are already silly to get even more silly

Strike a pose

Get Silly!

I am very proud of James. When we were leaving last night and without any prompting from me, he walked up to the Cub Scout Master and said "Thank you for giving me my Bobcat badge." What a kid!


  1. We're starting Chemistry in the Fall and I'm late for our Blue and Gold Dinner right now, so I have to be fast ;)

    Great week. Congrats on the Bobcat :)

  2. I love the scout pics!! You have much to be proud of.

  3. Great pictures! We don't have too many great pictures (probably because I wasn't there!)
    "A True Relation" looks very interesting! and we're just loving WWE here too.

  4. What wonderful pictures! Congrats to your son - he is a true blessing!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to hear you found something interesting.

    My son is in Cubs too but we live in Canada and it is very interesting to see the difference in their uniforms!


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