Faith N' Fiction Saturday - Biblical Fiction

Amy at My Friend Amy Asks:

"One area of Christian fiction that is thriving is Biblical Fiction. Biblical fiction, in case you don't know, is when an author takes a story from the Bible and imagines more of the details. Tosca Lee's Havah would be a recent example of Biblical fiction.

What I want to know today is how you feel about Biblical fiction. Have you ever read any Biblical fiction? Did you enjoy it? Do you think Biblical fiction helps us to understand people who lived during Biblical times better or do you think that it's unnecessary? Have you ever read any Biblical fiction that offended you?"

There is one particular author duo I absolutely love who writes biblical fiction and I've mentioned many times on this blog - Bodie and Brock Thoene. They wrote a series called the AD Chronicles which retells the new testament in a whole new way. In the stories, they take characters from the bible and tells a story of their life and how they lived and interacted with Jesus. For instance in First Light: Peniel, the blind beggar who was healed by Jesus, Marcus Longinus - the centurion who wanted his servant healed, Miryam, the fallen woman.

The stories really bring home the people and actions in the bible and has really personalized it for me. Every time I read the bible now, I have a picture in my mind of who the people are and what has taken place. So, in answer to your question, Definitely yes - biblical fiction has helped me understand the people in the bible better and given me a better understanding.

There is indeed some biblical fiction out there that has offended me and I honestly can't remember any names of the books, because I guess they were just so bad, I pushed it all out of my mind. I just know when I go into the store and look at books, there are certain authors I avoid.

What Biblical Fiction have you read lately and enjoyed?


  1. Hi Robin.

    I noticed that you visited a split second before I updated my answer.

    Biblical Fiction

  2. Like you, I avoid some authors. There are so many good books to read and so little time that I refuse to waste it.

  3. Thanks for the AD Chronicles reminder - I've been meaning to read that. Good post. Mine is up at Free Spirit-

  4. I havent read the AD Chronicles but I have read the Thoenes writing and they do some great research for their works.

  5. I enjoy Bodie and Brock Thoene but I haven't read their AD Chronicles.

  6. I have not read the AD Chronicles, but they sound like something I would enjoy.


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