Friday Finds

MizB at ShouldBeReading asks: What great books did you hear about / discover this week? SHARE WITH US YOUR ‘FRIDAY FINDS’! :D

Finds added to my wish list this week for future purchase:

Bone Man's Daughter
by Ted Dekker which will be released April 14th.

The Man in the High Castle by Philip Dick. This review by Susan Wise Bauer made it sound very intriguing.

Relentless by Robin Parrish. Don't remember whose blog I found the review on, but it sold me enough to put on my wishlist.

Head on over to MizB's to find out what she and others discovered this week.

What interesting books did you find this week?

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  1. Ted Dekker is great! I just purchased his Lost Book series for YA for my middle school library. The boys were immediately drawn to them and they're all checked out, even when I told them they really should start with #1 they didn't care!!


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