Weekly Report #12

Weekly Wrap up

We had a very short week lesson wise and only did lessons on Monday and Tuesday due to Father's injury. It's interesting because in the past we have taken two weeks off for thanksgiving and three weeks off for Christmas. This year I decided to power through and not take off the two weeks for thanksgiving. Murphy's law derailed me and we have ended up taking the equivalent of those two weeks off anyway.

What we accomplished:

Devotions: In Real Life Encounters read about "God is Three in One" and "God is Holy". Started working our way through Proverbs 10 and also started reading "The Jesse Tree" for Advent.

Voyages in English: Finished Section 3 pronouns

Spelling: Finished Lesson 11 Y as a Vowel

Cursive: i and u's

Math: Reviewed subtraction of 1's, 2's, and 3's and started subtraction of 4's

James and Father finished "The Mystery of the Periodic Table." I think father learned more than James did. He said the book should be mandatory reading for anybody taking Chemistry because it presents an excellent history of the discoveries.

Self Education wise - I finished Section 2 of my information literacy class and have 3 sections to finish up before the end of the month. It is an easy 1 unit course required by Excelsior and will try to finish that up in the next few days. I have 6 units left of lower division classes and just requested approval to take Art History course for January session.

Writing wise - I haven't accomplished too much this week on Winter Illusion. With the end of National Novel Write month, I set a goal for myself of at least 750 words a day. Have managed to write 2573 for the week so far. I am part of the The Nano social group on the Well Trained mind forum and we decided to continue the group for writing support. We are now "Writing Like Your Hair's On Fire." I will be deciding on a word goal for next year and posting the goal in my side bar. That will keep my accountable. Once I finish the first draft of Winter's Illusion, then will set it aside and work on the editing of Floating on the Surface. I have a better idea now how to finish editing that story. My brother, who mastered in English, has offered to proof the novel for me when I done. Yeah!

Now with Father's injured ankle, (if you want to see the x-ray, scroll down a couple posts) I will be working more days, so will have to write up my schedule and make sure I stick to it. As long as I take advantage of my quiet times in the morning before everyone gets up, I will get the writing done. I just have to keep reminding myself "no internet, no internet, no internet" until I reach the daily goal. Will make blogging and browsing my reward for the day.

So ---- Imagine Trumpet's blairing ----

We are officially on Christmas Vacation

While there will be no formal lessons, there will be plenty of life lessons and fun lessons going on the next few weeks. James will have to learn to be more self reliant ie fixing own lunches, more chores, etc. He will also have to help Father while I am at work. I actually think this will be a good experience for him and teach him not to be so self centered and more aware of what is happening around him. He is constantly thinking, analysing and questioning everything and is such a smart kid, but he has no common sense. I hope this experience teachs him some common sense.

Once Father is feeling a little better and not in so much pain, there are a few electronic projects he has been putting off. He and James will be doing these together and maybe, just maybe James will catch the electronic bug like his dad.


  1. Enjoy the vacation! And I hope Father feels better soon!

  2. I think that taking off now will be the absolute best thing to do. I truly hope that your husband heals fast and is not in too much pain.
    Thanks again for the heads up on Mystery of the Periodic Table. We are starting chemistry in January and I need to add that to our list. :)


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