Musing Mondays - Reading

Rebecca over at Just One More Page asks:

How long do you wait after finishing a book before you pick/start another one? How many books do you have planned ahead or do you pick up random books from your TBR (to be read) pile (if you have one)? Do you review right away or keep reading and come back to it later?

When I finish a book, I will pick out another and put it in the kitchen so can start it the next day. But I have been known to start reading it in the evening while having a snack or I don't have anything recorded on the DVR to watch. I really don't plan ahead as far as what I'm going to read next. I pick from the oldest ones purchased and work my way through to the newest. So by the time I get to the newest, they are the oldest again. Clear as mud, right!

I usually have about 20 books in my TBR pile at all times. I made a list last night, including some non fiction books I have been ignoring and counted 40 in, on, and around my night stand. EEK! I'll have to whittle the pile down a bit before I buy more...just for my own sanity. Too many choices!

I've signed up for several challenges and all the books will apply to those in some form or fashion. That's why I included the non fiction books. I've been meaning to read them, so if it is listed, I will read it. Except the Pub Challenge which is books published in 2009.

Sometimes I will review a book right away and other times the review pile stacks up. I currently have four books finished and waiting to be reviewed. Since I joined the Read and Review Challenge for 2009, which is basically review everything you read, I am going to try to review each book as I finish it, before starting another. I figure if I do that, it will slow down my reading a bit. But it will force me to get the review done so I can start that next book. We'll see how well that works.


  1. I'm really looking forward to the Read and Review Challenge -- just think how long our wish lists will get!

  2. I like to start the next book soon after finishing one. And I like having a selection of books to choose from.

  3. Ah, the never ending to-read pile - I have that problem, too.

  4. I must look at the Read and Review Challenge as it sounds a good idea.

  5. I'm going to have to check out the Read and Review Challenge - I'm a sucker for reading challenges.

    My TBR pile has gotten so big because I'm averaging 5 to 6 review copies or ARC books a week. The holidays are cutting into my reading time because I'm trying to finish knitting Christmas gifts for the family! So many books ... so little time!

  6. I think us bibliophiles will have to contend with toppling TBR piles for the rest of our lives... :)

  7. I like your oldest first, newest last choosing process. Makes perfect sense to me :) I may just have to try that myself.


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