Booking Through Thursday - Favorite authors

Five for Favorites - Deb asks

1. Do you have a favorite author? I have several that I will buy whatever they write including Ted Dekker, Bodie Thoene, Elizabeth Lowell, Linda Howard and a few I just discovered. When I discover an author I like I devour all their books. My all time favorite as of last year is Nora Roberts who also writes under the name J.D. Robb.

2. Have you read everything he or she has written? Yes, I have. I think she has around 150 or more books out there and I have read and reread them all. I've already read the death series twice. And if I had absolutely nothing at all left to read, I would chose one of her books to reread.

3. Did you LIKE everything? I did actually.

4. How about a least favorite author? There are a few, but it's based more on personal reading preference than anything else.

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t? I can't think of anyone in particular at the moment.


  1. I had no idea Nora Roberts wrote under a different name. Interesting.

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. I tried Ted D. once, but I couldn't connect.

  3. Wonderful favorite authors. I love the In Death series too.

  4. I used to be a huge Nora Roberts fan. These days, I'm more of a J.D. Robb fan, i.e. I always buy the In Death books, but I'm more fickle when it comes to her other ones. I have been tempted to start her latest trilogy. She always writes excellent trilogies, although I was a bit disappointed in her Circle Trilogy, which was redeemed only by the last book - one of my favorites.

    Ugh! All this Nora Roberts talk is making me crave a re-read session!


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