Operation Actually Read Bible

Becky from Becky's Book Reviews is hosting a perpetual Bible reading challenge.

Operation Actually Read Bible

This comes at the most opportune time when we were thinking about goals for the new year. I realized I need to be reading more in the bible and studying it as well as teaching James about it. We do quite well for a while then it falters. I needed something to guide me better. I found the most wonderful reading plan, courtesy of one of the wonderful ladies on the Well Trained Mind Forum. It is a Genres literature style in which divides up the readings into main types of genres: gospels, law, narrative, psalms, poetry, prophecy and Epistles.

Check out this Chart.

I think this is very cool and just what we need. We are also going to do the christian Character Building curriculum "Write Upon My Heart" from Keepers of the Faith. There are several character booklets including obedience, patience, diligence, etc. I ordered obedience and patience and we'll see how those go before ordering more.

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