Weekly Report #11

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a very light week lesson wise. James worked on his cursive and Math, adding three's while I worked on my story. I was bound and determined the reach the 50,000 goal which I did on Wednesday, despite multiple distractions. Now I am bound and determined to finish the book. Unless I manage to write 10,000 words tomorrow, probably not going to happen. But since I get up a couple hours earlier than every one else in the household, we'll see how far I get and leave the rest for the edit process. I'm going to make sure I incorporate writing time in my schedule everyday from now on. I have a few other ideas up my sleeve when I'm done with this one.

We took Gracie in on Tuesday to be spayed and she stayed over night. The boys, herbie and melvin wandered the house for a good long time, missing her. We picked her up Wednesday morning and she was feeling fine.

We didn't want a repeat of what had happened with Luna when we brought her home after an overnight stay at the vet. All the cats went crazy, because she smelled so different, they thought I had let a strange cat into the house.

So, we brought her in and set the cat carrier down, let them smell it and her. Then took her in the bedroom and she rubbed all over me and James giving us loves. After a few minutes, we brought in the boys and they smelled around, about, up and down. Within a few minutes they were all ready to play.

However Doctor's orders, restrict her activity and no jumping. Right, how do you keep a cat from jumping around or chasing and racing about. The pain medicine they gave her made her totally loopy and she was practically jumping up the walls. She also had the munchies big time. So Wednesday I spent trying to keep her calm and quiet, in the midst of trying to work on Nanowrimo story. Do you know how hard it is to type one handed with a squirmy, love me, rub me, giddy cat. It's fun!

Thursday we had a nice thanksgiving and we all fell into bed about 10:00 completely exhausted and tired.

Friday I spent the day working on my story because I would like to at least finish it. Father napped and took it easy. James played.

Today we set out to put up christmas lights outside. We got sidetracked by gardening and cleaning up the morning glory which had gone completely crazy. We end up doing this every year. Oh, it's time to put up the lights. Wait, we have to do this first. Thankfully, our neighbor, who is also our gardener, came over to help and we got it all done. I'm bushed and back to writing. Father is out putting up a couple strings of lights.

Tomorrow we will put up the net lights all over the front patio fence and put out Santa's reindeer. Plus, we are going to put up a few decorations next door because our neighbor went into foreclosure and abandoned the house. We have one of 'those' courts that goes crazy at christmas time, so we will have lots of people driving around. We didn't want the fact the house is empty to appear too obvious.

We discovered a relative (his mom - believe or not) has been taking items such as light fixtures from the house. She came by today and took the hose and hose reel which was in front of the house. Which we had been using to water his lawn to keep it from going to seed. That's when I noticed the outside light fixtures were gone. Father had mentioned a few days ago the house was unlocked. I went over and checked, sure enough. The back door was unlocked and several windows. I went through locked up everything including the garage door. I'm surprised the bank hasn't put a lock box on the house. Anyway, in discussion with other neighbors, we will be keeping a better eye on the house. If anybody wants to get into the house, they better have a key or else they will be in big trouble. Nudge, Nudge Wink Wink.

We have one more week of lessons before our three week christmas break. I am looking forward to it. We will be christmas shopping and having fun. I'll be working on finishing my current online class by the end of December. Father will be working and finished various electronic projects. James wants to learn photoshop.

And just maybe, the cats will let me sleep in past 6:30 a.m.

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