Veterans Day - Thank a vet

Thank you, Dad!

My Dad, a retired colonel in the air force will be the the guest speaker at the dedication of the Arizona Medal of Honor Memorial located Arizona's Veterans Memorial Park in Bull Head City, Arizona on the Colorado River. The memorial will feature names of the 20 Medal of Honor recipients from Arizona, from the Indian Wars to the Vietnam War. Six Roman pillars will sit on top of a 14-ton concrete structure, surrounding a six-sided center stand that will hold a perpetual flame. My parents, along with a few other organizations donated the funds to help with the project.

In his blog today, he gives a brief history about how Veteran's day came into being. Please check it out. I'm also hoping we will be able to talk him into posting his speech.

Dad was a recipient of the Luke Award last year for all his work in helping forward needed supplies to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. When I was at their house last month, they showed me a letter and a flag sent to them by one of the soldiers currently in Iraq. It was very touching.

Thank you to all our men and women in uniform serving in the armed forces for your sacrifice, dedication, bravery and service for our country.

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