Book Review - Seventh Day

A.D. Chronicles

Seventh Day


Bodie and Brock Thoene

Rating: ***** Excellent

Seventh Day is book # 7 in the A.D. Chronicles following the life of Jesus and his followers. The Thoenes have personalized the characters of the bible, writing about their everyday lives; how they interact with Yeshua, and how their lives are affected by him. From what happens to Peniel, the blind beggar boy, when he is healed to Marcus, the Roman Centurion who walks in both the worlds of Yeshua and the Romans.

Back Flap: "Stories of miracles abound. Could Yeshua be the long-awaited messiah? Eve, the widow of Absalom the scribe, has one thing to live for--her only son, Abel. She grieves over his every rasping breath. She's heard of a great Healer who walks the earth. Could the rumors be true? Could there be a miracle for Abel? While rifling through the archives under the Temple Mount, religious leader Ra'nabel Ben Dives discovers startling information about a child who escaped the slaughter of Herod the Great's soldiers. If King Herod, Antipas and High Priest Caiaphas don't know, ben Dives schemes, perhaps I can turn this news to my own advantage... Meanwhile in Bethany, El'azar, a close friend of Yeshua's grows seriously ill. Miryam and Marta, his sisters, quickly send word to Yeshua, but Yeshua delays. Why does he not come? the sisters wonder. Does he not care?"

Books in the series are:

First Light
Second Touch
Third Watch
Fourth Dawn
Fifth Seal
Sixth Covenant
Seventh Day
Eighth Shephard
Ninth Witness

I have read the first seven and will plan on reading the last two for the 2009 Christian Fiction Challenge. The A.D. Chronicles is a wonderful series that realy brings the people of the bible to life and makes you think. Remember the story of King Solomon and the two woman who came before him, both claiming one baby belonged to them. The once blind beggar, Peniel is visited by an 'exhalted wanderer' who shows him through a dream, what happens when the two woman go before the king.

Excerpt: pg 104
I asked, 'Everything means something. How did Solomon know both women wouldn't agree to divide the baby?' I turned to Chesed, who smiled at me and led me back to my bed.

HaShem's truth and HaShem's Mercy and HaShem's Love are One

"And what can such a story mean today?"

The sword of HaShem's judgement is raised. Israel is the baby before the throne of the almighty. Satan cries that the nation is his, and he demands death and division as justice. Chesed stepped away from me. Yeshua is EMet*, and he pleads mercy and life for every child of the covenant. His heart, warmed with compassion, does not insist upon His rights."

The words echoed in the room as I lay down. Thunder like an approaching army rumbled in the distance. I fell into a deep sleep."

*EMet - means truth.

I had never really stopped to think what the parable meant and it was an Wow moment when I read this. There are many wow moments in these books that really brings home to you the lives in the bible. It is worth reading every single one.

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