Weekly Report #5

Weekly Wrap up

We have had a interesting week

DEVOTIONS: We discussed fear and what Jesus disciples did when they were afraid and what we should do when afraid. Also what is God's providence and what is God's purpose for our lives.

James has managed to remember quite a few bible verses from the Bibleman DVD's, which has opened up alot of discussion. I reminded him that just because we have memorized a verse doesn't mean we understand the meaning. We need to know the meaning of the verse, use them in the appropriate context or they are just empty words. I explained about being born again. Over the years I have run across baby Christians, those just saved who are sent out onto the street corners to try and save everyone else. They are so excited about their new birth and recite their memorized verses. Then, you ask them questions and what does it mean and they freeze. They have been so busy memorizing their lines that they didn't take the time to understand the true meaning. I know from experience because I did the same thing back in my "baby" years.

The premise behind Bibleman is excellent, however we continue to have a problem with the show. Tuning out the Unholy Hero has a villian 2Kul-4Skul who wants to stop the gospel from reaching kids. The actor playing the villian is white and the character portrayed is a hip hopper with the gang-banging, slang talking, yo-yo-yo, droppy pants evil guy. Yes - a white guy pretending to be african american hip hopper. It's offensive. Then James started imitating 2Kul-4Skul which lead to a long discussion about ethnicity and racism and different cultures. So, the latest and last Bibleman Dvd I'll ever buy is being shelved, most likely trashed.

ENGLISH: We started Section 2 about Nouns and completed 4 lessons: Nouns, proper nouns, singular and plural nouns.

SPELLING: Lesson 6 was a review and test of chapters 1 through 5. James aced the test.

CURSIVE: Review and mastery of x, z and q, plus Capital Cursive letters

MATH: Review all week of adding 7's, 8's, and 9's. Explained the trick about 9's and James had no problem adding nines. Still counting his fingers half the time but getting quicker and it's clicking.

CHEMISTRY: Father and James read about investigating Mixtures and in the Mystery of the Periodic Table, they read about Joseph Priestly. I think Father is enjoying the story more than James. The story is covering the history of chemistry and the people involved which he didn't learn in high school. In school it was just the facts, ma'am and experiments.

HISTORY: We continue to read TCOO and read about how America was named. James has taken over reading aloud Diego Columbus and we read through chapters 7 to 15.

Besides that, James finished the star wars saga books and we move on to Wall-e next.

Friday, we took Luna back to the vet to get her staples out and James was gregarious as always. The receptionist just loves him. Luna finally got to go outside after a week and she was very, very happy. My ears were happy too! She can get quite whiny and loud when she doesn't get her way. Since Father is out of town, we went over to the shop to do payroll for my technicians. James behaved himself quite well and had fun chatting with some of our customers. Such a friendly kid.

And that's a wrap!


  1. Good lessons. Sounds like a terrific week. Take care.

  2. Sounds like a productive, interesting week.
    I love the discussion you had with your son regarding scripture memorization. My children memorize a lot of verses-at home and for church also. We discuss the meaning of the verses, otherwise, just as you said, they are empty words. A lot of people don't "get" that and have children learn verses just for the sake of memorization.
    I hope you have another wonderful week!~


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