Weeky Report #8

Weekly Wrap up

We had a semi light week. I didn't have time to plan lessons on Sunday when we returned from AZ, so quickly put the list together Monday of plans for the week.

Devotions: All about wisdom and trusting God. Read through Proverbs 3 and discussed. We are working on attitude, being polite and respecting your elders.

English: Finished up Section two on Sentences and worked on words used as both nouns and verbs.

Spelling: Completed Lesson 9 about consonant blends.

Cursive: Handwriting without Tears Grade 4 book arrived and completed the first four lessons.

Math: Started Kumon's "My Book of Simple Subtraction." I also purchased DK Math made easy and will be mixing in worksheets along with subtraction. It's clicking now!

Chemistry: Father and James are enjoying reading The Mystery of the Periodic Table. This week they finished Ch 12 Nature never creates other than Balance in Hand and Ch 13 Mr Dalton and His Atoms. Father made up a worksheet of chemistry compounds and had James complete it.

Of course, Father had to test me when I got home to see if I knew how to read a chemical compound. I did - he was impressed I remembered.

Thursday afternoon, Father and James ran over to a local farm to pick up some pumpkins. James called me at work all excited - "Mom, we got three pumpkins, one little, one medium size and one big one. Now you get to carve them." Lucky me.

Isn't he cute. He's taken over Father's cowboy hat, because he's outgrown his own. And he is even tipping his hat when he passes a lady and saying "Ma'am". He watched one episode of rifleman with Father so I guess that is where he picked it up from.

Happy Halloween

Trick or Trick, smell my feet,
give me something good to eat.

If you don't I won't be sad.
I'll just make you wish you had.
- Monty Harper

Courtesy someone on internet,don't remember who

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  1. It looks like a good week to me. It is hard to get back to business after a trip.
    The chemistry compound worksheet looks very good. We're beginning chemistry in January and the kids are excited about that.
    James is so very cute in that cowboy hat and I love how gentlemanly he was in it.
    Have fun carving your pumpkins! :)


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