Book Review - Shadow and Silk

Shadow and Silk
Ann Maxwell

Back cover: "Professor Dani Warren was willing to risk her reputation searching for that priceless piece of sacred Tibetan silk. And if she had to trust mysterious "risk-management specialist" Shane Crowe to help her recover it, she was willing to take the gamble--even if the real danger lay in Shane's fierce desire to protect her at all costs...

Shane suspected there was a lot more to this recovery job than his clients were letting on--even if they were Tibetan monks. And with his company's reputation on the line, he has not choice but to rely on Dr. Warren's expertise in his search. But Dani's surprising savvy in handling big time trouble was shaking up the icy concentration and well-honed instincts Shane relied on most. And now every move, every heated embrace was bringing them closer to the treasure of two lifetimes--- and an unthinkable choice..."

Dani is an archeology professor in pursuit of rescuing an ancient Tibetan silk cloth on the black market. The buy is interrupted by an assassin who is intent in getting the silk. She is also in danger of being captured by the Chinese army who are moving in at the same time. Shane,who also wants to rescue the silk for the tibetan monks, must decide whether to save the silk or Dani.

He saves Dani and they run for their lives. There is a strong attraction between Dani and Shane, but only one thing stands in the way. Shane as taken a vow of celibacy and is determined not to break that vow. They are also in a race with the villainous katya and Kasatonin, who share a rather twisted sexual relationship, to recover the silk.

As always, Lowell AKA Ann Maxwell has written another romantic suspense story with three dimensional characters and complex story line.

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