Weekly Report # 3

Weekly Wrap Up

Lessons went well this week and I added in history this week. I decided to go with reading "This Country of Ours" by H.E. Marshall. It was recommended on Ambleside.com and after reviewing the book, decided to go with that. We have given Story of the World a good college try but neither James or I love it. James eyes glaze over every time I read it and we never could get into all the activities. SOTW has it uses though and the activities book has an abundance of book resources. Between SOTW, Ambleside, and History Odyssey, I've purchased quite a few books to go along with reading TCOO. It just happened to pick up where we left off in SOTW with Christopher Columbus....

We are also reading "Diego Columbus: Adventures on the High Seas" by Marni McGee. The story is from the perspective of the son of Christopher Columbus and based on fact.

Voyages in English: We are still on Section 1: Sentences. We finished up 1.6 Kinds of Sentences and 1.7 Subjects. James is doing so well with this, I am going to start having him do two lessons at a time. On daddy days, I have James completing the worksheets from the practice book.

Spelling: Completed Lesson 3 Hard and Soft C and G.

Cursive: Did review and mastery of previous letters learned and letters n and m. Now James has learned all the letters in his name, so will start have him writing it in cursive at the top of his worksheets. He is working rather quickly through the 3rd grade book and has 10 lessons left to go. He'll be progressing to the 4th grade HWO Cursive success workbook in no time.

Writing Strands: Working on #2 Sentence and paragraph Control. It is teaching how to take a core sentence and add 5 pieces of information to the sentence, by adding one new piece of information each time. The lesson blended great with VIE in which lesson 1.3 he had learned about asking questions: who, what, where, when, why and how.

James core sentence: A Lego Rebel Trooper was taking a walk

The pieces of information to add were

1) what was he carrying? He was carrying a blaster

2) where was he walking? He was walking back to Tanaive 4

3) who did he see? He saw a storm trooper

4) how did he feel? He was scared

5) what did he do? He blasted the stormtrooper

I took dictation and wrote the sentence each time, per James answers to the core sentence.

The core sentence turned into: A lego rebel trooper was walking back to Tanaive 4 after having a meeting with Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight. He carried his blaster because he was scared. Suddenly, the storm trooper emerged from Tanaive 4. The Lego rebel trooper blasted the storm trooper into tiny lego pieces.

Math: Progressing nicely adding 7's.

Chemistry: James and Father read Chemistry in Ancient World's and Chapter 4 -the alchemists and Chapter 5 - This Spirit of Mystery of the Periodic Table

I finally decided what book to use for devotions and it will be arriving from christianbooks.com in a few days. Will blend that in with reading the bible. We previously used Day to Day devotions and needed something with a bit more bite.

I'm contemplating adding in Prima Latina: Introduction to Christian Latin. I already have the book and Father thinks it is an excellent idea and that we should all learn together. Since Latin is the basis for all languages, it seems the smart thing to do. Hmmm!

James also decided he wants to read 20 books to earn "King Kong Versus Godzilla". I told him the books can't be easy or simple readers but chapter books.

So far, he has on the list: The Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. We are currently reading A Phantom Menace.

I think that's it.... still feel like we're missing something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You had a great week! I enjoyed visiting, I'll be back. :)

  2. Well I don't think you're missing anything at all! :)
    Love the sentence-it is all boy.
    I saw his handwriting sheet a couple of posts down-it is very nice.
    Glad you stopped by my blog-I'll stop back in soon-I enjoyed reading your posts.


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