Book Review - Through The Grinder

Have you ever tried Coffee Marinated Steak with Hearty Coffee Gravy? If you love coffee and it sounds delicious, head on over to Coffee House Mystery for the recipe. Or better yet, Read "Through the Grinder" by Cleo Coyle.

The complete recipe for this interesting meal is at the end of the story. "Through the Grinder" is the 2nd of 6 novels in the Coffee House Mystery series.

Clare Cosi is the manager of The Village Blend coffeehouse. Her daughter lives close by and her ex husband even closer, sharing the home above the coffeehouse, when he isn't out of the country buying coffee. She is in "like" with a handsome, yet married police detective Mike Quinn who likes to discuss his cases with her. Things hit a little to close to home when single female customers start committing suicide (or did they?).

Unfortunately, Clare's new love interest is the prime suspect so she and her ex start a little investigation of their own. You'll never guess who done it til the very end.

I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging mystery and plan on reading the rest of the series. Cleo Coyle also wrote "The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries" under the pen name of Alice Kimberly. Looks like I'll be adding "The Ghost and Mrs. McClure" to my wish list of books to read next.

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