Weekly Report #2

Weekly Wrap-up

Lesson 2 consonants in Spelling Workout - James got a 100% on his spelling test

Voyages in English - completed Section 1.3 question words, 1.4 commands and 1.5 exclamations. He did really well with commands and had no problem coming up with a few commands for me.

Handwriting without tears cursive - he is doing an excellent job

We have been reading the Junior novelization of "Return of the Jedi". We each read one chapter every night and James is doing a great job with pronunciation. The chapters are pretty long, but he is getting through them easily.

We finished it yesterday and "Attack of the Clones" is arriving via Amazon today. We will start it tonight.

Math - adding 5 & 6. By jove, he's got it. Addition is starting to click and we start doing subtraction pretty soon.

James and Father read chapter 2 in Chemistry book "Chemistry in Nature" and Chapters two - The first chemists and Chapter three - Earth, Air, Fire and Water
in "Mystery of the Periodic Table."

We read about Aristotle in "Great Scientists" and watched a video about Leonardo DaVinci.

That's it for this week. Today James gets the pleasure of playing his lego star wars cd game.

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