Cozy Mystery Challenge

Cozy Mystery Challenge

I discovered a new challenge that looks interesting. The Cozy Mystery Challenge being hosted by Not Enough Books for the month of September in which you decide how many you want to read. I had a few already book marked on Amazon that looked interesting prior to this so thought I would join in the challenge.

1. Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett

2. Through the Grinder (Coffeehouse mystery # 2) by Cleo Coyle. Already read #1 and found it entertaining.

3. Murder Uncorked (A Wine Lover's Mystery) by Michele Scott

I'll keep it simple because there are so many other books I have on the bookshelf waiting to be read.


  1. I'm reading Murder is binding for this one too!

    And I'm reading one of the coffee shop series - French Pressed. I like this series a lot! :D

  2. Thanks for joining! I have read a couple in the Wine Lover series and really enjoyed them. Can't wait to read your reviews!


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