Musing Mondays - What are you reading?

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Today’s MUSING is just going to be a simple one on reading…
WHAT ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW? I'm currently reading "Violet Dawn" (Kanner Lake Series # 1) by Brandilyn Collins.
WHY ARE YOU READING WHAT YOU’RE READING? PLEASURE? FOR REVIEW? SOMETHING ELSE? I read for pure pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. Reading is my entertainment, the way I escape. Reading relaxes me. I actually find myself getting cranky when I don't read. The only time I don't read for pleasure is when it is for a college class. Except sometimes that is pleasurable also because it's my choice.
WHAT DID YOU RECENTLY FINISH READING? Just finished Stuart Woods "Beverly Hills Dead"
WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’LL BE READING NEXT? Hmmm! I really haven't decided yet. Generally after reading an intense book, I'll read something light, then back to another tense book. I take a look at my TBR and pick what rocks my fancy next.
WHAT WAS THE BEST BOOK YOU READ THIS MONTH? WHY? Hard to say which one was the Best. The best is usually the one I just finished but really can't say that about "Beverly Hills Dead." It wasn't Wood's best. Okay - "The Tunnels." It was engaging, well written and a scary, creepy thriller.
WHAT WAS THE WORST BOOK YOU READ THIS MONTH? WHY? I plead the 5th on that one.

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