Writing Life: National Novel Write Month Plan


In order to hold myself accountable for getting things done, I'm posting my plan.

I'm going to challenge myself again and join in the National Novel Writing Month which runs from November 1 through the 30th. The goal is to write a 175 page, 50,000 word novel by November 30th. Basically you don't edit, you just write. This time I will be tackling a romantic suspense mystery. So during the month of October I will be doing research, finalizing my characters and doing an outline. The story has been in my head for a few months now.

In order for me to start writing the new story, I want to finish the 2nd edit on the first story. I was just reading through it today and realized I had already changed a lot of it. My reader's (thanks - mom) only complaint was I needed to cut out some of the scriptural verses. I put in a lot of verses and what not for nano - kind of went overboard in order to get that 50k. It morphed into 100k so there is quite a bit I can cut out. The story is fine without it. I'm going to change the plot somewhat, but nothing major, take out a few scenes, and add some new scenes, I am giving myself the month of October, working at least one hour per day to finish the 2nd edit.

I am going to be writing up a schedule for us to go by so I don't forget anything. I stopped writing out weekly schedules for us and so many things have gone by the wayside. The older I get, the more I need to do lists in order to accomplish everything. As long as I'm organized, then the household operates efficiently.

All I have to do is cut back on the internet time - it really sucks you in. As a matter of fact, there was great blog about exactly that over at Murderati by J.T. Elison called A Virtual Montparnasse. Murderati is a blog by 10 mystery writers about murders, mysteries and marketing. I love that I can go online anytime and glean information from professional authors. They are so wise.

And it really sucks you in......


  1. National Novel Writing Month sounds like a wonderful idea. I need to go check this out - thanks!

  2. thanks for checking in on my Friday Finds this week. I haven't done much reading yet this weekend, but it's fun to have new books to choose from!

    A comment on your "accountability" post ... I write a *The Week Ahead* post each Monday with a rough (sometimes -very- rough) plan of what will happen during the week. It does help me to stay on track, and some other bloggers have joined me as a way of staying accountable to our goals (be they lofty or laundry!). If you'd like to, head over and grab the graphic and post your plan on Mondays.


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