Weekly Report # 1 - What we are doing for 3rd Grade

What we are doing for 3rd grade.

We finished 2nd grade in June and decided to make a few changes for 3rd grade. We officially started 3rd grade this week with a full schedule. During the summer, we concentrated on math and handwriting only.

English: Voyages in English Writing and Grammar by Loyola Press.

Last year it was a toss up between Rod and Staff and VIE. I purchased both Rod and Staff 2nd and 3rd grade and reviewed both. At the time wanted to get Voyages in English but since couldn't get the teachers guide, forgot about it. Decided to start with the 2nd grade R & S because it seemed to segue easily from first language lessons. It turned out to be too easy and didn't hold James interest. Plus we already were concentrating heavily on devotions and the religious aspect of the program was just too much. I was able to get the VIE student book and practice book without the teachers guide and so far like what I see.

Spelling: Spelling Workout C

For 2nd grade we again switched from swo to Rod and Staff which was just way too easy and didn't hold James attention.

READING: Lots of books

We are currently reading through the Junior Novelization of the Star Wars Series. Also will be reading history and science books, continue with beyond five in a row and whatever else comes up.

Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears Cursive

We started the cursive writing back in July after finishing 2nd grade. James is doing excellent and has learned to use the correct pencil grip finally.

Writing: Writing Strands

We started Level 3 and I like it so far. I can see how it will be very beneficial. I attempted to have Father co-teach it but his engineer's mind had difficulty with it and rebelled. The instructions made perfect sense to me, but not to Father. So I will be guiding James through it.

MATH: Addition and Subtraction

By jove, I think he's got it. Addition is finally clicking for James, but we all seem to have trouble with the formal programs. Right now we are using Kumon's My book of Addition and My book of subtraction workbooks.

HISTORY: Story of the world 2

We got about halfway through SOTW 2 and will continue until done. We aren't doing any of the extra activity stuff. We will read from the book and extra go along books that seem interesting.

Science: Chemistry

We are reading through DK Eyewitness Books "Chemistry" and "Great Scientists", plus reading "the Periodic Table: Elements with Style" by Adrian dingle and Simon Basher and "The Mystery of the Periodic Table" By Benjamin Wilcer.

Religion: Mixture of several things

Besides reading the bible, will mix in some activities from "contenders of the faith" and other books.

I doubt we are going to do any formal foreign language studies, art or music. We will, however, go off on side trips studying whatever James is interested in. Right now, his interests are anything Star Wars and Legos. We have several Lego projects to do and should keep us pretty busy. We have decided to ban tv and play computer time during the week, because they have become a huge distraction for all of us. As always, the schedule or curriculum will be adjusted as time goes on.

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