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I got an A!

Just finished my college math course and earned an A. Yeehaw! My GPA with Excelsior is 3.75 which is awesome for me. I've always been a middle of the road C student which accounts for my overall GPA of 2.66. But let's just ignore that overall one for now - shall we!

I am currently working on completing my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts through Excelsior College (accredited online university) I started back at the beginning of 2007 and have 6 lower level credits and 12 upper level credits left to do. I have been taking one class a semester because that is all I can handle with everything else.

I just signed up for a required 1 credit course - Information literacy which basically gives an overview of information literacy concepts. It's easy peasy and then I'll sign up for my next big class in November. Right now I'm contemplating whether to take English 340 Short Stories or English 365 Nobel Literature for one of my upper division courses or take a lower division course Art 102 History of Western Art or Hist 240 History and philosophy of American Education.

Decisions, decisions. Right now I'm leaning towards the Art class.

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