Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I had a very good - no - I have a great day yesterday. I had a relaxing day: read a book "Divided in Death" by J.D. Robb. Father and James went grocery shopping and James picked up "Robots." We had a enjoyable time watching the movie. Father did the dishes, made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I made sure to make plenty of noises about the "Wonderful" job they were doing. My guys need plenty of encouragement and kudo's. Otherwise they don't feel loved.

Father made roast beef and yorkshire pudding for dinner and we enjoyed a nice bottle of Chateau Faizeau St Emilion Wine. Yum!

While they were out, I completed the first quiz for my math class. It was pretty easy except I missed one question: 48 divided by 0 plus 12. The answer was undefined. I answered 12. Dummy me. I mentioned it to father during dinner since he is an engineering genius and knows all the answers to everything in the world. The result was an interesting lecture, um discussion, about calculus, which I'm not taking and will never take. Any who, he decided it was a trick question the professor threw in to mess with us.

Both Father and James gave me very nice cards.

The purple flower one from James and the white flowery one from Father

James card said "Mom, I'm really proud of you and every day I'm glad to have the kind of mother other kids must wish they had!" Father told me James picked it out himself which makes it all the more special.

The card from father was very special because when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was the flowers on the front of the card. They were exactly the same as the flowers on our wedding invitations. Of course, tears sprang to my eyes before I even started reading the card. Father admitted the card touched him in the store and he got teary eyed while reading it. AW! We both have a habit of buying cards and thinking "do I want to make him or her as the case may be, cry or laugh with this one. We try to balance it out but we do get quite mushy.

The card read "For a wonderful mother:

Children do not realize how deep is a mother's love, how wise-- They do not fully understand the goodness of her guiding hand, and yet she's always held above the childhood things that children love. And as they grow the long years through, that lover for her keeps growing, too... And then they learn the full extent of what a mother's love has meant, The heartaches she's concealed within, how truly wonderful she's been! And here's to one beyond compare--the dearest mother anywhere!

So true. It made me think of my mother when I read it and realized the sentiment is so true.

Happy Mother's Day - Mom: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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