Family Life: Garbage on Fire

This morning's excitement!

"Hey mom, why is the trash in the street? James asks from the living room. Huh! I say, from the kitchen, deep in the middle of writing. He repeats twice and I go to look. Through the morning glories I see a pile o trash. We go outside to this sight. The garbage man is no where to be seen, but one of the neighbors suggest we move the car. Someone from down the street and around the corner had placed fire place ashes in the trash this morning. According to the county guy who got there pretty quickly, the driver is supposed to pull off a main thorough fair and into a side street. Ours was the closest. Lucky us.

They dumped the whole thing in the court, spray and sifted, made sure the fire was out. Reminder to self: Never stand downwind of a burnt garbage truck and smelly garbage.

The county guy said they would send someone out tomorrow to pick up our trash. Neighbor reminded him that our court has jillions of cars driving through to look at christmas lights. Our trash was picked up within the hour, the smiling garbage man managing to maneuver around the pile of trash in the middle of the court.
They sent a scooper to pick it up and a sweeper truck to clean the street.

Now ask me how much we have managed to accomplish in the way of lessons or anything else.



    I hope they got it all cleaned up. Nasty.

    Dreaming What Ifs...

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is crazy. And how it must have stunk!! Yikes!

  3. No way! NOw that is something you dont see every day!

    My guess on the school work.... none... but what a distraction hu!?

    Happy Monday~


  4. WOW! Street drama! I feel for ya - but it IS better than a huge, block-destroying fire. Thanks for sharing!


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