Family Life: Hey! Where did the time go?

Hey! Where did the time go?

Wow, it's two weeks before Christmas and I have accomplished ----- nothing. We did managed to go out last night and buy a Christmas Tree. That was quite an experience. The two places we normally go are no longer there and we ended up going to a local nursery. Beautiful tree - which you'll see after its decorated, but one of the most expensive we have ever bought. Now I just have to figure out how to keep Luna from climbing in it.

James is anxious to go Christmas shopping and I am starting on my lists of what to get people, figuring out what to buy before we hit the stores. Otherwise we will be wandering aimlessly and buying for ourselves. is my friend.

Christmas Cards? Hah! Bah Humbug!

What have we been doing? you ask.

We cleaned out the garage in anticipation of getting the new garage door only to find that because we want a brown one, it is special order. The door guy said they would need 7 feet of clearance into the garage. So we cleaned it out and put stuff in the side yard. Of course, the day after it rained - murphy's law don't you know.

In the process, Father got into a cleaning mode and started throwing out a lot of stuff. When he gets in that mood, I don't stop him. We were able to reach my boxes of books and pulled them all down. I opened one box and recognized nary a book, so this will be fun getting lost in book land for a while. Now I just need a few more bookshelves. Squealing with delight and rubbing my hands together in anticipation - we've had our eyes on a nice set of teak shelves for the living room.

So, it rained. And Sears called. The door is special order because we want brown, so it will be three weeks before they can install. Poor Father spent an afternoon in the rain, putting everything back in the garage. BUT, we have a clean garage and killed about a dozen black widows in the process.

I just finished writing a short term paper of 2000 words or more for my Science and Religion class about
the similarities and differences between scientific models and religious myths and the paper had to include the similarities and differences between the function (purpose, use, value, importance) of models for scientists, and the function (purpose, use, value, importance) of religious myths for adherents. The paper had to include one example of a scientific model and one example of a religious myth. Hey, I thought, this will be easy. I was writing 2000 words or more a day for nanowrimo, I can do this quickly. Silly me. But it is done and submitted. My final is this week and I will be done with this class. Probably will get a B in this class, will be very surprised if I get an A.

We are beginning our two - maybe three week Christmas Vacation from lessons. James is quite delighted.

I continue to work on "Floating on the Surface." 30 days of writing and I have lots of words. Luna is continuing to make sure I get up by 7:00 a.m, so that gives me some time to write before James gets up at 8:00. Now am fleshing out the story, giving my characters more substance and adding detail to the story. The book is not ready for editing or reading by other parties as of yet. I have been doing research on writing and characters and plot and of course, it leads to buying more books about writing and romance and..... its all quite fascinating. Where are those bookshelves?

Well, this just may be the beginning of a 2nd career. Who knew?

Time to put on my favorite Christmas DVD - White Christmas and decorate the tree.

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  1. Well... you sound like you are very busy anyway! *Ü* We just got our tree too... I love decorating for Christmas! It makes our home cozy and warm feeling... sigh of contentment... I just love it... Hope we see a picture!

    Good for you and your book! Its such an accomplishment... and a 2000 word paper on top of it all... you go girl! *Ü*

    Have a great week!



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