Family Life: Life in Motion

James birthday was fun. He received Project Gemini DVD, Moon Race: History of the Apollo DVD, Herbie the Love Bug DVD, Trouble Game, Ravenstock Space Puzzle and $170 combined from his grandparents and other relatives. Most of the money went into his savings account. The rest, he bought a new buzz lightyear, Go Diego Go DVD, and a cat tower for Luna. We are waiting to see what Father gets for his birthday, before he buys anymore Space DVDs.

His swimming lessons are going great!! He just finished level 3 and got a red ribbon for his accomplishments. He is actually swimming somewhat under his own power, but still has to learn how to coordinate his arms and legs together. He does a mean underwater dog paddle. He has two more weeks of lessons and hopefully I will be able to talk him into continuing. At this point, he is looking forward to being done…despite the fact that he is progressing.

He wants to do the fit explorer missions put out by NASA which involve coordinated strength training, endurance training, and jump training. We also registered to receive basil seeds flown into outer space with the Endeavour space shuttle mission. We will receive the outer space seeds and a packet of regular seeds. The task given by NASA is to create a Lunar Plant Growth Chamber and evaluate the seeds.

Other than that, we have been doing school light for the summer… concentrating on Math, character and devotions, history, and lots of reading. Will ramp up to our full schedule in September.
I am just about done with my Oceanography class; final is next week. I have actually been doing quite well and at this point my grade is an A. My next class is “Science and Religion” which should prove to be pretty interesting.

Next week, Father will be sworn in as vice chairman of the Sacramento chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. They are actually having the Event on his birthday, so friends have graciously accepted kid sitting duty with James, so I can attend.

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