Family Life: James 8th birthday

James 8th birthday is coming up and boy is he excited.

James 8th birthday will be on August 5th. He has been working on his birthday wish list for the past month. The first draft (yes, the first draft) contained practically all Godzilla movies. We told him Godzilla was banned for a while, so he worked up a 2nd, then 3rd and now final draft. At least I think it is final. He adds to it daily.
James wish list
  1. Apollo 1 dvd
  2. Apollo 7 dvd
  3. Apollo 8 dvd
  4. Apollo 10 dvd
  5. Apollo 14 dvd
  6. Apollo 15 dvd
  7. Apollo 16 dvd
  8. Apollo 17 dvd
  9. Apollo Soyuz dvd
  10. Project Mercury dvd
  11. Project Gemini dvd
  12. Challenger dvd
  13. Herbie the Love bug (old version, not the remake)
  14. STS-26 Return to Flight
  15. Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
  16. Apollo 8 special package
  17. Must have it all combo package ( at $800 I don't think this one is a possible, but James ask me to list it anyway)
  18. Larry boy and the Bad Apple Video Game
  19. Dora the Explorer summer explorer dvd
  20. Ratatoulli
  21. Toy Story cd game
  22. A Dog (
  23. The Magic School Bus Catches a Wave Dvd
  24. Madame Blueberry - veggie tales movie
  25. Gammara Toy
  26. The Cape: A history of the Florida Launch Facilities
  27. Space Shuttle First Flights
  28. Mercury Redstone Collectors Edition
Do you see a pattern taking place here? I have already told him he will only be getting 2 or 3 items from the list, and not every single one. Do you think he is interested in learning everything there is about the space program?

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