Family life: A Belated Happy 4th of July

We had fun Wednesday. While Father rested and enjoyed his day off, James and I did some fun lessons learning about Independence Day, drawing Godzilla, doing math lessons and whatnot. Lessons were spread through out the day to prevent boredom from creeping in, plus creating a distraction from the impending fireworks in the evening.

Both Father and I bought big packages of fireworks. In the past all the neighbors in our court came out to do fireworks, but this year it was only us and the gal across the street with her son. This actually worked out quite well and was more relaxing, since we didn’t have to contend with the foul mouth friends of one neighbor. Didn’t miss them at all! We started about dusk and ended when James decided he had had enough around 10:00. We cleaned up our mess, read stories and James was asleep in an instant.

Yesterday was a wonderful 109 degrees at our house and fortunately our air conditioner didn’t have a problem keeping up. It was a little cooler at the shop (106), so with the help of fans, we remained comfortable. I treated my technicians to lunch at Olive Garden which I went out and picked up. However, H said he liked my homemade lasagna better than Olive Gardens…. A nice compliment!!!!

We are hibernating in the house today since it is going to be another scorcher. I will be working on my Oceanography Project about Bathymetry, Sediments and Plate Tectonics. Father will be going to work and James will be drawing and keeping busy. He is currently watched Toy Story 2 since I have banned Godzilla for the time being.

James decided he wanted to take swimming lessons so we signed him up at the Dive Center. The lessons start on July 16th, and is with a private instructor, 3 times a week for 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks, we'll see if he wants to continue. He is really excited about taking the lessons and keeps telling me “he is going to make me proud!” What a kid….Once he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him.


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