Welcome to my world

Let me share a little bit about our world before we get started.

I am a 47 year young home school mom, wife, student and accountant for our business.

My # 1 blessing is my husband. He is my soul mate, best friend, sounding board, massage therapist, can fix anything mechanical, wonder man. Do you think I love him just a little bit? He is master of the house and my sweet son calls him Father. So we will refer to him throughout as Father.

My #2 blessing is my one and only son, James. It wasn’t intended for him to be an only, but that’s the way it worked out.

God works in mysterious ways and we are quite a happy little family unit. I wouldn’t want it any different.

We have our own successful electronic repair business. Father will be celebrating 19 years of ownership in April. I became involved in the business while we were dating and am officially the office manager/accountant. Lots of paperwork. We are in the process of moving the business to a different site. Hopefully we will find something affordable to buy versus continuing to lease. However, we need a bigger shop in a better area. Our shopping complex has gone to heck in a hand basket due to some undesirables in the area. (Again, a juicy story to look forward too)

I just decided to go back to school and continue pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Doing it the new fangled way – distance learning through Excelsior college. I don’t have time to sit in a classroom anymore. So this works for me.
I do have an AS degree in Secretarial Science and a Paralegal Certificate. However, back when I was in my 20’s and pursuing that Bachelor’s, I hooked a bachelor instead and fell off the wagon. Fortunately that didn’t work out or I would never have meet Father.

We decided to home school (well I did) when James came along. At the tender age of 5, (sniff sniff) we decided to send dear son off to kindergarten at a private school. It didn’t work out for him so we decided to home school. (I’ll fill you in on all the juicy tidbits later) Father was skeptical at first, but after I taught James how to read and write, he was in 100%. We school year round and will be finished up first grade at the end of April. So, you will get hear all about our successes and failures with curriculum, fun trips and whatnot.

So stay tuned. I promise it will be interesting.

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  1. Robin...before I write a long reply I want to be sure you are getting it. I am checking the block that says other, putting down my name and then sending it. What a fine blog you have started. You are definately one of our blessings. Dad


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