James M's review of Archie Sonic Online -Knuckles: Endangered Species #2


Hullo again, Sonic fans.

The crew of Archie Sonic Online has posted another ASO-related comic, it is none other than Knuckles: Endangered Species #2. Funny enough, this was actually posted around the time of April Fools' Day and it wasn't an April Fools' joke. Also, I didn't get around to reading it right away until recently. But now, I've read it and its time for a review.

And yes, I did read issue 1, the crew did a good job writing it. Issue 2 is beyond wild and intense, you have Remington teaming up with Lien-Da in an uneasy alliance against the Tasmanian Devils and Thrash, of course, is in the picture. The issue even ends on a cliffhanger with Knuckles, Julie Su and, obviously, Thrash winding up in some underground place beneath Albion's ruins. 

Having read the comic, I enjoyed this and I love Archie Sonic Online even more. The writers and the artists have so much love for the Archie Sonic comics, which is fantastic and Sonic's fanbase can't get any more passionate than this. May the legacy of Sonic fanworks be as strong as ever.

While fanmade content and fan continuations aren't entirely official, its great to know of their existance and good to know there are passionate fans who will work hard to help preserve the legacy of soon-to-be forgotten stories and characters that are gone. Archie Sonic and its legacy is no exception, ASO has been going strong since it started a couple years back and there is no sign of it slowing down.

I look forward to what the ASO crew will put out again soon, Knuckles: Endangered Species issue 2 gets a solid ten out of ten. Thank you, Sonic fandom, thank you for your hard work. Now, I say adieu. Peace out, friends...

-James M

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