Guest Post -James M's review of Sonic Travels To Jurassic Park

Welcome back, Sonic fans, and today, we're taking a look at another fan project. This one is great and fun to watch, we're talking about SONIC TRAVELS TO JURASSIC PARK by Great White Studios on the YouTube channel.

Sonic Travels To Jurassic Park is a Sonic/Jurassic Park crossover fan film that is an hour and thirty minutes long while the director's cut clocks in at an hour and fifty something minutes long. It tells the story of Vector the Crocodile inviting Sonic to an island where he is working to realize his dream of a dinosaur theme park and, just like in the Jurassic Park film, things go very south.

With remarkable voice acting, polished Garry's Mod animation and a good script, Sonic Goes to Jurassic Park captures the spirit of the Jurassic Park movie while working the Sonic characters into it. Great White Studios did a fantastic job making this and a sequel is in the works for an eventual release as of this time. 

In regards to characters, Sonic is Sonic and Eggman is the main bad guy of the movie who sends out a dangerous dinosaur of his own. Vector fills the role of John Hammond from the first two Jurassic Park films while Big the Cat takes up the role of Dennis Nedry and Metal Sonic plays Dodgson, the movie is very creative with how it tells the story without completely retelling the original JP with just Sonic characters. 

Fun fact, Balena Productions tried to work on a Sonic/Jurassic Park fan film years ago, but ended up scrapping it due to complications. However, Great White Studios kindly took it upon himself to do it and worked very hard on this fan film. It even apparently shares some continuity with Balena's Sonic In Jaws fan film due to the appearance of The Mayor from that fan film and Conker the Squirrel, who appears in the movie as well, recalling that he was washed ashore here after the events of Sonic in Jaws.

I salute Great White Studios for his efforts and wish him the best of luck on the sequel to this masterpiece of a Sonic fan film, may he succeed in delivering another good project. I give this fan film a 9/10, Sonic fans know what they are doing and they never miss the mark.

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