2022 Writing and Reading Intentions

Art by Marie Anne Faucalt

Amongst the myriad household, financial, and business goals, I have me goals. More intentions than anything else. When someone says goal to me, I'm reminded of football or soccer.  What makes me happy. What do I strive for in reading and writing wise?  Entertainment, enlightenment, the joy of letting words flow from the pen to the page.

I rarely do the word of the year thing but decided that this year, my word is simple.  The k.i.s.s. method which evolved in the military eons again.  Keep it simple sailor, or soldier as the case may be.  Which eventually turned into keep it simple stupid. Unfortunately that's how the world turns sometimes, turning a positive into an insult.  I think I'll amend it just a little to Keep it Simple and Sassy.    

I discovered that the more complicated I try to make things, the more likely I am to fail, so I'm determined to keep it simple. But as Thomas Edison once said:

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

Reading is like breathing in~

Book Wise 

4) New year buying ban -  I vow not to buy any new books or download freebie ebooks for 6 months. To lessen the temptation, I've turn off bookbub and kindle unlimited emails.  Exception to the ban is the newly released books I preordered prior to the year end. 

4) MT TBR challenge - Read at least 48 physical Fiction books from my shelves not including rereads  I have a lot of chunky books that I've been bypassing in favor of reading ebooks so will be concentrating on my physical books.

5) Personal Nonfiction challenge - Non fiction isn't my go to read and we've collected several shelves full due to homeschooling and my interest in writing, author memoirs, and historical fiction.   Goal is to read at least 12 Non fiction books from my own TBR stacks, both physical and ebook and audiobook. 

6) Continue with Nora Roberts backlist reread.  

Writing is like breathing out~ 

Writing wise

1) Complete revisions on my current WIP - Red Thief. I'm at the halfway mark with about 50,000 words written, revised, and edited. I have another 50,000 words to rewrite and revise in order to finish the story.  I've been revising in passes, filling in plot holes, finding the characters voices, writing new scenes and revising prior scenes.  I've never edited a novel length story before, just flash fiction and posts, so it's taken much longer than I expected, however the learning curve has been interesting and illuminating. 

I'm giving myself the year to revise 50,000 words and I'm bound and determined to finish the damn book before year end.  I'd like to think that with all I've learned revising Red, the other novel length stories I'm written but not edited yet, will go much faster.  It's all counts toward those 10,000 hours they say it takes to master a craft. 

2) Morning pages/journaling - I gave up doing morning pages for a while but recently started again and realized the pages were where I worked out problems with the story as well as personal problems. Where I talked to my characters, the universe, wrote letters to get things off my chest as well as brainstormed ideas for flash fiction, poems, short stories.  Now I know why I was feeling blocked. I was doing it to myself.  So, write every day. 

3) Write weekly 52 Books post

4) Write A to Z and back again weekly response posts for 52 weeks.

5) Write weekly posts about thoughts on books and writing. 

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."  ~Charles Mingus

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