Bookish Notes and Links - 200 Books that Shaped 200 Years of Literature

During my dinner break at work I was perusing the internet and decided to share the wealth tonight with more book lists.  So much temptation.  I discovered shopping early for Christmas in order to make sure things get here on time has lead to spending a whole heck of a lot more money, because I keep seeing one more thing, then one more thing. My guys are going to be spoiled this year.  

Have you seen Red Notice yet? Fun movie. Red Notice and the Art of the Heist books about heists. 

The Center for Fiction confabs to determine the 200 Books that Shaped 200 Years of Literature.

A list from France - 100 books of 2021 (thank goodness for google translator)

Now I'm meandering slowly (is that redundant?) through Tor's list of 100 Speculative Fiction Titles to Add to Your Reading List

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