2022 Book Challenge: Mount TBR Reading challenge - reading from my own shelves


I try to start out the year with a book buying ban and usually fall off the wagon by April. For 2022, vow to forgo all the kindle freebies and Book Bub deals offered along the way; which is very hard to do by the way.   I usually end up going on a book buying binge at the end of the year to hold me over.  I've already preordered New Releases by my favorite authors.  Can’t resist those.  For 2022 I'm determined to hold out longer since my shelves are overflowing, double and triple parked and so many are calling my name.

I’m going to join Bev at My Reader’s Block Mount TBR 2022 and shoot for Mt. Ararat and Read 48 books from my TBR Pile. She has a Virtual Mount TBR challenge as well.

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