Guest Post -James M's IDW Sonic Double Review of FCBD 2021 and Issue 43


Salutations again, James M here and we're gonna be doing a double review for IDW Sonic's latest releases, the Free Comic Book Day 2021 special and issue 43. For me, this is to make up for not reviewing the FCBD 2021 issue before issue 43 dropped. Anyways, so what's up in IDW Sonic.

With the Free Comic Book Day issue, we're taking another trip back into the Classic Sonic timeline with a story about Tails discovering Amy Rose's secret hobby as a writer and artist. After he sees Amy's stories, Tails starts showing people her work and we see Mighty & Ray make another appearance and, among the others who see Amy's work is none other than Honey the Cat, who makes her triumphant return in IDW Sonic (in the Classic era anyway). After the story ends with Sonic seeing Amy's work, we get a recap of the main IDW Sonic story and a small preview of the next upcoming arc.

Jumping over to IDW Sonic issue 43, part three of Zeti Hunt was intense and decently written with action from the start all the way to when the Zeti go down and Sonic learns that Belle has been kidnapped. Part 4 is shaping up to be something big very soon when it drops, all thanks to the latest IDW Sonic issue. The future of Sonic looks promising with nothing that can stop Sonic as he spin-balls through his 30th anniversary year with no road bumps or cruel restrictions enforced on him.

Well, people. This is where we sign off, for now.


-James M

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  1. Nice reviews of 2 different issues.

    Though I still wish Sally Acorn's Freedom Fighters came to IDW Sonic.


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