BW26: Sunday's Book Babble - Halfway through the year


It's week 26 in our 52 Book Quest and we are halfway through the year. My year thus far has turned into 'what are you in the mood for' which means lots of romance and dragons, librarians, and villains.  Can you just hear lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Just me? Oh well! I'm also enjoying rereading Nora Roberts back list which has been comforting as well as feeding my muse and inspiring me to be creative.

I'm still reading Patricia Brigg's Wild Sign and going to dive back into Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost with Halfway to the Grave for our halfway challenge.

I finally added Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor to my stacks and look forward to reading it. Eventually, when I get a roundtuit. LOL!

Today I watch hubby mixing chemicals and paint together to try and screen print for the very first time,  the back of his amplifier. Saving money don't you know. He's been watching videos, but is asking me how and the why and what. As usual a 30 minute project has turned into a several hour one, with honey, I need....  🙃

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