Bookish Notes - Arrggg! It ended in a cliff hanger


Arrggg! It ended in a cliff hanger. I immersed myself in Jennifer Armentrout's world in the Blood and Ash series.  Really fat books at 600 some odd pages each full of vampires, wolves, gods, deities, royalty and magic.  And of course, hot sex.  #1 From Blood and Ash, #2 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, and #3 The Crown of Gilded Bones which are all so very good but damn, now I have to wait until the next book comes out in a year or so probably. I really hate that. 

 But it just means I'll reread the series again when the new one is set to come out.   It's all J.R. Ward's fault since she talked up the books in her latest video and managed to distract me from reading her latest book in the Black Daggerhood Brother series.  It will be next once I've soothed my angst and book hangover with Nora Roberts and reading Dark Witch. 

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