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This week is my short week at work so I actually get to relax a bit and get some things done.  Naturally that doesn't always happen.   Our schedule has remained pretty much the same with both hubby and I alternating days at the shop.  What hasn't remained the same is I feel like I'm going to the grocery store every other day to pick up more water, more milk.  It kind of defeats the purpose of the stay at home order when stores limit certain products to one item. Our town has horrible tap water and Brita has failed me more than once. Crystal Geyser has saved me and thankfully, the grocery store I frequent weekly knows me so they don't limit how many I get each week. Buying it in the store is much cheaper than delivery. 

Unfortunately this local food store isn't at the top of the food chain and has been out of paper products for a month and eggs go pretty quickly. Sunday I went to Food Source for the first time and found what we needed along with multi packs of chicken breast, pork chops, etc.  From there I went to our favorite store to pick up water and things I couldn't find. Some folks like going from store to store to store, hunting and gathering.  Me, not so much. It's a pain and it increases your exposure. But because our shop is still open and interacting with customers daily, it really doesn't matter.  Yes, we are being fastidious and cleaning like crazy before and after, prescreening folks before they make the trip.  Some want curbside service and others just need to have some human interaction.  Anyway, I discovered Food Source has an excellent vegetable department which led to today's adventure, baking Zucchini bread.

I have a wonderful recipe I found on several years ago,  Mom's Zucchini bread posted by v. monte.

Oh my goodness, delicious!  Definitely not for those on a keto diet. *grin*

So, Governor Newson isn't lifting the stay at order anytime soon. We've applied for the Paycheck protection program loan and have no idea when the money will come through. My banker said we're building the airplane while flying it.  Scary, indeed.  At least we are still working and have income coming in, although we are done about fifty percent.  We are taking advantage of the slower times to finish reorganizing the shop upstairs and get our ebay division set up.  After the business move, we were so busy, we didn't have time to deal with all the store stock or get hubby's office set up. So there is a silver lining in every cloud.  We will survive.

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