A to Z Poetry: Bell


He sat in silence, 
waiting for the bell.
A single ring, a tone. 
An alert to him know
if he could move or go.
Let him know he could
get on with his life.
All he had to do?
Pick up the phone and listen.
No words or questions,
grunts or groans.
Wait for a simple yes or no
which would change 
the rest of his life.
Little did he know, 
the line had been cut.
An experiment to see 
what he would do and be.
The one on the other side
didn't care one little bit.
A dangerous tease just because
he believed that 
which he didn't know.
He could have 
picked up the phone, or
walked out the door.
Yet he sat and waited. 
Useless, no initiative.
Let himself be held hostage
to those who didn't care.
The one walked away,
into the day, the week, the year,
without a thought, 
without looking back.
Nor did the one wonder 
how long he sat waiting
for the bell.

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