A to Z Poetry: Dust

Dusting off some Words by Jabbokdawn
One of the words for the day in Pause for Lent is dust which prompted some interesting thoughts.


Our bodies.
Earthly vessels.
Neither a hindrance,
Nor a necessity.
Crumble and fade,
as our souls soar 
to heavenly heights.

Do we return as dust? 
A grain of sand,  quintillion atoms
float and gather.
All we see and do not see,
everywhere surrounds us.
In the air we breath.
On the furniture, the floor,
picture frames galore. 
Particles of souls long gone. 
Foundation for our feet.
Nutrients for our bodies.
Beginning to finish,  
Start to the end.  
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Those we love and miss the most.
Beloved dust. 
I am you and you are me.
We are dust and to dust
we shall return. 

I never thought I would appreciate dust and will never look it the same way again. Prayerful dusting shall be the rule from now on. 

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