A to Z Poetry: Present

Courtesy Dimitri Otis 

This poem was prompted by something hubby said the other day, when once again kiddo was analyzing past actions.  I'm a stay present, learn from the past and move on, optimistic, glass half full, type of gal. But both my guys love to analyze, reminisce, and discuss over and over again which I've learned not to let it drive me too crazy.  His analogy.  I ride the waves, balanced, living in the present, focused on the day.   If I look back, I'll lose my focus and fall off and the negativity makes me cranky because I can't do anything about it.  I don't look too far forward, because again loss of focus and because it annoys me to worry about something that has yet to happen.


ride the waves, 
you don't look back,
Nor tilt too far forward.
Balance precarious, you
arms reach, knees flex, 
toes grip the board.  
An ever cresting wave 
surges beneath your feet.
There is no fear in failure, 
only lessons to 
and gather in your heart
and teach you to be bold. 
Waves; large, small, fast or slow
You plow through the tunnels
and climb on the crest. 
There's not time to 
But if you fall, 
an option you can't avoid, 
Waves may wipe you out, 
But you'll never be destroyed. 
Our failures are our teachers
us to our core.
So you'll climb back on
and ride the rail some more. 
You balance, ever present to
life's demands and 

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