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Hello there people, welcome and today we will be discussing the top ten Sonic fan creations by fans for the fans. Over the years of the hedgehog's popularity, fans have come together to make the most epic of Sonic works all by themselves, from fan fiction to fan films and fan comics, you name it, Sonic's been in all of it. We will not include fan art though. But without delay, lets get on with it...

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10. Sonic Fan film
Released in 2013 and produced by Blue Core Studios, the same company that produced the successful Mega Man fan film, this fan film successfully delivers in just 18 minutes, action-packed and full of great moments, this one also has Jaleel White reprise his role as the voice of Sonic after last voicing him in Sonic Underground. Will this movie get a sequel? Who knows, but we cannot be left on a cliffhanger with Knuckles.

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9. SonAmy Wedding (by Evay)
Aw, SonAmy, everybody's favorite Sonic pairing. This comic takes its time and shows how cute the relationship between Sonic and Amy can be. Even though its not official, Sonic and Amy's "wedding" is amazing and entertaining. Tails as the go-between? Ha ha ha ha! Its also heartwarming to hear Amy promise Sonic that he can still have his adventures when he's married, can you imagine that, Sonic the Hedgehog marrying Amy Rose and still going on adventures just a little bit and the beautiful pink hedgehog waiting for him when he comes home? I can... in my fanfic multiverse!

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8. Sonic in Camping Chaos
Produced by Balena Productions and running at 18 minutes, this fan film is super freaking hilarious and is worth watching again and again, even setting up the 2019 Chrismas with Sonic episode. Featuring incredible voice actors and great animation, Sonic in Camping Chaos never stops short of being awesome and is totally made by fans for the fans...

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7. SonAmy Boom Baby
Whats this, you ask, another SonAmy comic. Ah, but its not in the main universe, its SONIC BOOM! This cute and heartwarming fan comic shows Boom Sonic and Boom Amy, as a married couple, about to have a baby together and they're preparing for it. There's a little bit of conflict with Boom Eggman just as their daughter is born. Thats right, Sonic and Amy's baby is a girl.

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6. Christmas with Sonic
Another awesome work of art from Balena Productions himself, starting in 2011, this series shows Sonic, his friends and family as they experience Christmas together and go on a few wacky adventures, one of them being tropical-themed a few years ago. Even the most recent episode had Sonic come face to face with his... doosh-bag father Stan the Hedgehog.

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5. Sonic Family Life
Produced by JayFoxFire, this series is set in a universe that combines the games, comics and old SatAM cartoon, focusing on Sonic and Sally, who've tied the knot, long after Eggman/Robotnik was defeated. Currently, 5 episodes have been produced and another is on the way, it takes time to put animated episodes together my friends. I reviewed this before and I stand by what I said, this should be the epilogue of Sonic SatAM, somehow.

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4. Archie Sonic Online
After the pre-reboot universe ended in 2013 and the comic ended 4 years later, fans have taken it upon themselves to revive the old continuity and continue the Archie Sonic comics from there, finishing up unresolved plots and going in a new direction, Archie Sonic Online has already proven to be more amazing than the official Archie Sonic or Sonic Retold, also a fan comic continuing the old continuity run of Archie Sonic.

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3. Sonic's Space Adventures Against Hitler
"Well well," I hear you say, "Whats this about Sonic going up against the madman responsible for World War II and the loss of millions of lives?" Yes, my friends, this actually is a thing. Produced by AvidSonicFan1991 aka Russel Freymuth, this ten part saga focuses on Sonic and friends as they journey to take down Hitler and stop him from taking over their world. Despite being full of language and crude humor a few times, this is still a fun watch and has an epic ending. Fun fact, Honey the Cat is Silver and Blaze's daughter.

2. SonAmy: Unexpected Baby
Another SonAmy comic! Written by SonikkuFan94, this comic focuses on Sonic and Amy, who are a couple in the future, as they discover that Sonic accidentally got Amy pregnant. Divided into four chapters, the comic focuses on the discovery of Amy being pregnant, the wedding of Sonic and Amy, a small relationship crisis and the birth of their baby as Eggman tries to screw Sonic over. Even though it can't be viewed on DeviantArt anymore, you can find this on Tumblr or on Youtube, its fun and inspiring, even doing a fine job with the characters' personalities.

-Honorable Mention-
-Sonic Zombies
Lets not forget this, despite its crude and sexual humor, its still funny.

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-Sonic in Jaws
This is one heck of a crossover movie, its super cool and worth watching!
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1. Sonic Travels To Jurassic Park aka Sonic In Jurassic Park: The Crossover
At last, we come to the most awesome piece of Sonic fan made works ever... the ultimate project, Sonic Travels To Jurassic Park by Great White Studios. Serving as a crossover between the Sonic franchise and Jurassic Park movies, this movies follow Sonic and his friends as they face off against prehistoric creatures when it turns out Vector is building a dinosaur theme park and hits the fan. Running at an hour and several minutes, this film is suspenseful and epic with brilliant animation, hilarious moments and a great musical score. This one you cannot avoid checking out...

Well, thats all folks, see you next time...
-James M


  1. The best ones are Archie Sonic Online, Sonic Retold, and Sonic Family Life. I even like Mayahen's Sonic Ever After with Mayahen's takes on never released post Shattered World Crisis/post SGW Archie Sonic stories "Branching Paths" and "Baking Bad".

  2. Hi! Garrett here (voice of Vector and Eggman in Sonic Travels to Jurassic Park). Just wanna say that myself and the rest of the cast and crew are honored to have placed on your top 10 list, let alone as high as the number 1 spot! To be counted among such talented creators is a great privilege for us. We had a great time making the film, and we're all glad you and so many others enjoyed watching it! Hopefully you will love Sonic Travels to Jurassic Park 2 equally, if not more!


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