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Hey people, James M here and today, I will be giving you the top 10 science fiction movies of all time. Before we begin, there might be some stuff I will leave out like superhero movies and TV shows. But there will be honorable mentions along the way, also, Godzilla technically counts as science fiction. Heads up, most of the entries will involve aliens. Anyways lets start...

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10. Iron Sky
How can this not be a science fiction movie? Set in 2018, this action packed r rated movie directed by Timo Vuorensola in just 90 minutes tells the story of a group of Nazis who fled to space near the end of the war in 1945 and return decades later for revenge. It does include plenty of sci-fi elements for the most part, especially when it comes to space and spaceships in general. There's so much great acting along the way. While Nazis are bad news, sometimes, they can be awesome. Starring Chris Kirby, Julia Dietz, Gotz Otto and Udo Kier, this movie is fun to watch again and again.

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9. Muppets from Space
In all the years the Muppets have been around, who could've thought there would one day come a time where Kermit and friends would star in a Sci-Fi movie. Released in 1999, Muppets From Space focuses on Gonzo who figures that he's an alien and his family is coming to visit. Over he course of 80 minutes, shenanigans ensue and Gonzo is captured by a government agent who wants to know when his relatives are coming, This film contains a lot of fun stuff too; A cameo from Hulk Hogan? Who could've seen that coming??? An Independence Day reference? It makes sense given the fact ID4 came out just three years previously and Independence Day was popular by '99

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8. Galaxy Quest 
With Sci-Fi all the rage in the 90s, given the fact Spaceballs had a shot at parodying Star Wars in the 80s and Star Trek being popular, it was only a matter of time until we got this movie. In just 102 minutes, Galaxy Quest focuses on a group of actors, who starred in the defunct show Galaxy Quest (a parody of Star Trek), being recruited by a race of aliens to help survive against and defeat an evil warlord bent on destroying these aliens. While being an action-adventure sci-fi film, this movie is also a comedy as it does its best to make things a bit family friendly. Galaxy Quest is still great today, starring Tim Allen of The Santa Claus and Toy Story fame, the late Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver, who is no stranger to science fiction having starred in the movie Alien and its three sequels as the iconic character Ellen Ripley. This movie is worth a watch.

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7. Iron Sky 2 The Coming Race
Back in 2012, when Iron Sky first came out, who could've thought we would get a continuation of the Moon Nazi story that focused on dinosaur people. Set a few decades after the events of the first film, the survivors of a nuclear war have settled on the moon in the former Nazi moon base but its tough to survive when there's overpopulation going on. Things get crazier when we get into the Hollow Earth stuff and learn the Vrill, an alien reptile race, was responsible for man's creation and Adolf Hitler (who's back from the grave), as well as most of the most evil dictators of history, were all dinosaur people the entire time. Udo Kier does a great job reprising his role as Kortzfleicsh and playing the role of the man who started World War II and murdered millions of innocent lives.
If I can describe this film in one word, its... AWESOME! Watch it, I encourage you all.

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6. Treasure Planet
What's this, you ask, Treasure Island in space and Disney's into SCIENCE FICTION?
Thats right, Treasure Planet is a Science Fiction space adventure version of Treasure Island. Released in 2002, this film follows Jim Hawkings and Doctor Doppler on a trip through space on a ship to the fabled Treasure Planet. Featuring scifi elements like aliens and spaceships, even robots, Treasure Planet is the most awesome movie ever. Is it worth your time? Yes. Can your kids watch it? Sure, why not, as long as they don't get creeped out by John Silver and a ton of action scenes, just make sure they don't break down in tears or something, OK?

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5. Predator (1987)
In the years between the release of the first Terminator and the second Terminator, who could've anticipated Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on aliens from outer space. During a mission in a rain forest during the cold war, a group of commandos are attacked by an alien hunter. Most of them are taken out one by one until Dutch remains. Action packed and super epic, this film is worth a watch and is definitely a science fiction movie, regardless of its r rating.


4. Mars Attacks
Released in 1996 just months after the movie Independence Day, Mars Attacks' plot is simple: Aliens from Mars show up to attack Earth and its up to the protagonists of the movie to stop them before they're toast and the world is destroyed. Is it stupid? Maybe. Is it good? Duh, of course it is. Worth your time? Sure, go ahead and watch this movie if you are a fan of aliens.

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3. Godzilla Final Wars
Godzilla is no stranger to Science-Fiction, he's always been a staple of science fiction. Heck, in the 1960s and in previous entries, Godzilla movies have dealt with Sci-fi staples like aliens. Godzilla Final Wars, the final entry in the saga until 2014 and 2016, is one of these movies. Aliens from Planet X attack Earth with classic Toho monsters and its up to a ragtag team to stop these aliens with help from the Big G himself. Running at 2 hours, this movie has nonstop action and pays homage to not just Godzilla's history but famous kung fu action movies and other science fiction staples as well.


2. Terminator 2 Judgement Day
Robots are a staple of science fiction and have been for years, Terminator 2 is the most epic sci-fi movie ever and a prime example of robots learning humanity. Set ten years after the first film, the movie's plot involves a reprogrammed T-800 played by Schwarzenegger protecting a young John Connor from a shape-shifting robot assassin sent back to destroy John. Action packed, full of great moments and awesome scenes, this film is amazing.

Honorable Mentions -Before we reveal the number one pick, here are some honorable mentions...
-E.T The Extra-Terrestrial
-Starship Troopers
-Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
-Alien 3
-Ready Player One
-Independence Day Resurgence
-Final Countdown
-Back To The Future
-Jurassic Park
-Terminator Genisys
-Independence Day
-Mars Needs Mums
-Star Trek III Search for Spock
-Battle of L.A 2011
-2001: A Space Odyssey

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1. Men in Black International
The (as of right now) latest entry in the Men in Black series, the movie is an epic, adrenaline-pumping action movie that is fun from start to finish, with a great musical score, incredible actors and acting, comedy all over, awesome action scenes and fun moments as well as Easter Eggs and nods to previous entries in the Men in Black series. This movie does not disappoint one bit. Starring the likes of Temma Thompson, Liam Neeson (no stranger to science fiction, Emma Thompson (reprising her role as O from MIB3), Chris Hemsworth and Rafe Spall, Men in Black International expands upon the world of MiB and is the best entry in the Men in Black films up there with Men in Black 3.

Thats my list, do you agree with my picks? I will eventually do another top ten at some point, maybe a top five. Who knows? But I will be back, I promise.
Until next time...
-James M.

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