Guest post -James M's review of Sonic and Mega Man Worlds Collide

James M here again and we're gonna be discussing the first crossover between SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog and Capcom's Mega Man known as Sonic & Mega Man; When Worlds Collide. This was the biggest comic book event ever and it was crucial to the Sonic and Mega Man comics for multiple reasons...

1. To promote both Sonic and Mega Man to new fans
2. Help the Mega Man comics get a sales boost
3. Prepare for an Archie Sonic reboot thanks to a court case with a certain former "anonymous writer"

When I first learned this crossover would be happening in the spring of 2013 back in the summer of 2012, I was excited and interested. Heck, I was mindblown to a point where I wanted to see a full-on video game crossover where SEGA and Capcom would collab and have their properties meet on screen. As the time got closer and closer towards the beginning of Worlds Collide, I got more and more interested, all while I kinda had my Sonic fandom tested, long story.

But then the day came and once I got my hands on Mega Man #24, part one of the crossover, I was thrilled and with each passing week, day, month and portion of the crossover, I got more interested and excited for the big finale in my mind. Heck, while I was reading the story, I actually was playing a Sonic and Mega Man crossover video game... in my head. But of course, each level unlocked the more a portion of the crossover was released. When I got to the final part of the crossover, I was thrilled to mentally beat that game and I remember as I read the epilogue issues, I mentally watched the ending cutscene and credits all while classic Sonic music played.

I'm surprised this crossover got a sequel in 2015 and that was amazing. Every moment in the story, every reference and every interaction between the characters was (and still is) memorable, I will never forget it, even in the afterlife long after I've kicked over the can and passed the point of no return to this world and plane of existence.

I give this crossover a 10 out of 10 for being epic.
James M signing off.


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