Writerly Wednesday: Moving Forward

Artist - Marie Anne Foucart

Moving Forward

Keep moving forward, looking ahead,
staying in the present,
learning from the past.
eyes to the future. No regrets.

Thoughts, fast and fleeting,
heart beating a timpani,
nerves and stress.
Nothing in reserve.

Time to regroup.
You gather yourself together.
Give up what you can't control
and charge forward.

Time to write, 
time to ponder,
wonder and believe
everything will fall into place.

You press for movement.
Do this, do that. 
Why nots and how comes,
demand a finish date.

How do we pay for it all?
Ever anxious, always afraid to ask.
We sit back in wonder.
Grateful, thankful.

Possible becomes probable.
Money, help, advice
Comes to hand,
never early, never late. 

Creativity stilted, blocked, quieted, 
hums in the background,
never ending, waiting for hand
to put pen to paper.

Some days,
one sentence, two.
Other days, pages.
Angst, thanks and snafus.

Characters jump to the fore.
Hello, what's new?
Not stewing, if that's what you think
Living, loving, breathing.

We'll jump back into place,
ready when you are.
We've made new friends
in the meantime.

Would you like to meet?
Characters, old and new.
How do you do?
We're ready, let's move.


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