A to Z Poetry: Epiphany


Two things on your mind today.
One says pay attention to life at all times.
Eyes and ears and senses
 open wide. 

Another says it's all in your head, 
Rule nothing out and spill it all.
Fill up the page with your rage 
and your fear and the blame. 

A word becomes a sentence,
a paragraph, a page.  And
an idea is born with the 
change of a name. 

Fake people and places to 
perplex and harass.  
Cause a fuss, make them dream
Give them purpose, create a scene. 

Not true, says one character.
You give us life to live. 
None are you and you are all. 
We live through you and you through us.

 We breath, we eat, we love and
experience the profound to the silly. 
We delve into the deepest ocean of your mind 
and pull out what we find.

Tears and fears, imaginary and real.
Firsts and lasts, life and death,
Sweet and fierce, cold and soft.
You give us room to spread our wings.

You give us meaning,  
A face and a place. 
You give us space  
to be.  

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