Tuesday Tango: Money can't buy you class nor taste

I hate reading news because it is just so dang depressing or makes me so angry that I avoid it if at all possible.  I'll admit I'm a celebrity junkie.  Daily mail showbiz, Eonline, and People magazine to name a few, capture my attention more often than not.  I've enjoyed being a fly on the wall ever since I was young, watching ET and other celebrity news shows.  Two very important things I have learned is neither gobs of money nor celebrity status can buy you class.  Most of these people are train wrecks which is probably why it's so entertaining.  Our lives compared to theirs are calm and happy.  They may think ordinary people live mediocre lives. Far from it and makes me appreciate mine more.     

Last year was the year of the side boob. This year is the year of the underboob.  Neither is attractive and only makes them look like hoe's at best.  Why don' t they just cover the headlights with a couple pieces of duct tape and forget the shirt.  Oh wait, they already are,  except the shirt is sheer. Classless!  

Speaking of classless, this past season of the K girls I noticed that they were finally covering up, wearing sweat shirts and high collared shirts.  Then I realized they were all wearing a certain brand.  It's all about advertising. I guess they got tired of covering up, because the boobs are front and present again.    

I've fallen in like with Tyler Henry. Now he has class and charm and personality.  I love watching the skeptics being blown away and enjoy watching lives be uplifted and healed.   Now you know my guilty pleasure.  What's yours? 

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