Monday Meander: The Role of Handwriting

I'm a big proponent of writing everything long hand.  I write out all my fiction stories, flash and scenes long hand because I go completely blank looking at the white screen. However, I have no program writing blog posts on the fly.  Haven't figured that one out yet.   While reading, I'll underline portions and then go back and write it all out, along with the thoughts sparked by the text at that time. Otherwise I don't remember.  According to Susan Reynolds in Fire Up the Writing Brain writing longhand helps with comprehension and thinking.

"Handwriting is one of the most advanced human capabilities, because it combines all the complexities of language in concert with intricate psycho-motor activity.  It gives physical form to our thoughts and emotions, which is why some of us fall completely in love with the act of writing and spend hours searching for the perfect notebook for brainstorming ideas, journaling, or writing."

I encourage everyone I know to write long hand, but alas my son doesn't buy it.  He says he writes it all in his brain, then on the computer.  Of course, he and hubby have both photographic and eidetic memories and never forget a thing.

Handwriting also helps you express emotion:

According to psychiatrist Roland Jouvent  - "With handwriting we come closer to the intimacy of the author. That's why we are more powerfully moved by the handwritten manuscript of a poem by Verlaine than by the same work simply printed in a book.  Each person's hand is different: The gesture is charged with emotion, lending it a special charm."  Reynolds continues with "Cursive in particular, adds an element of dancing, instilling 'a melody' in the message."

So start practicing your cursive!

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