A to Z Poetry: Hope waits

Hope Waits

I'm here, she says
Lean on me. Wait, don't go.
I have much to teach,
We have far to row.

I'll do my best for tomorrow
There is hope in my sorrow
We look, we listen, we wait.
We do our best to bear the hands of fate.

We are saved. I am here.
No more pain, no more fear.
Yes, I'll wait.
Stand tall, it's not too late. 

Hope waits, hope gives,
Sorrow passes, hope lives. 
Don't worry, don't hate
Sorrow walks alone through the gate.

Remember, no matter what
The door will not shut.
Nothing is beyond my reach. 
I have much to teach. 

Don't worry yourself so.
Save the tears for tomorrow.
Hope tells the tale, 
blessings prevail.
Hope waits.

~R.Lee McCormack~

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